University of Connecticut
Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer Admission Requirements

If you are or have been enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution and have completed 12 or more credits following high school graduation, the University of Connecticut considers you a transfer student.

Transfer student applications are reviewed through a holistic approach. Consideration is given to the entire application, including, but not limited to, grade point average, strength of academic coursework comparable to UConn's General Education Requirements, and current academic standing. 

A successful transfer applicant typically meets the following criteria:

  • Academic course work comparable to UConn's General Education Requirements.
  • A 2.7 (on a 4.0 scale) cumulative grade point average in challenging academic course work (Note: Certain programs with limited enrollment require a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher for consideration). Please refer to the Restricted Programs section below for additional information. The minimum grade point average does not guarantee admission.
  • Good standing at, and eligible to return to, the last institution of higher education attended. Students who have been dismissed for any reason — academic, disciplinary, or otherwise — must satisfactorily complete one year of challenging, full-time academic course work at another institution before applying to UConn.

Students with less than one year of college are evaluated on the basis of high school and college work (high school GPA and class rank, SAT or ACT scores, quality of academic courses, and college performance to date).


Restricted Programs

Several programs have specific prerequisites, early deadline dates, limited enrollment, and/or other special requirements to be eligible for transfer admission.