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Undergraduate Admissions


As a national leader and flagship public university for the state of Connecticut, each UConn applicant is reviewed to determine residency status for the purpose of assessing the cost of tuition. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions uses the information provided by the Connecticut General Statutes to determine an applicant’s residency classification.

For tuition purposes, determining Connecticut residency is generally based on a student permanently residing in Connecticut for more than one year preceding the start of enrollment at the University of Connecticut (vacation homes do not qualify for Connecticut residency). Connecticut's Office of Higher Education has determined the following categories for potential Connecticut residency consideration:

  • applying as an emancipated student using your own information
  • applying as an unemancipated student using your parental or legal guardian information
  • applying as a Connecticut high school graduate
  • applying with spousal information
  • applying with military orders

Should your residency status change during your time as an applicant or prior to your enrollment at UConn, visit your applicant portal for detailed information regarding residency appeal. If your residency status changes after your enrollment, you may apply for residency review through the Dean of Students Office.

For additional information or questions pertaining to residency determination, contact Paul Ostick at or by phone at 860-486-3137.

Please review the Connecticut General Statutes regarding tuition charges.