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Undergraduate Admissions


Activities & Recreation

What's going on? Everything.

More than 700 clubs and organizations keep you busy and engaged. From the 3D Printing Club and Student Film Organization to the American Institute of Civil Engineers and so much more, there's no shortage of options.

Some students choose to donate their time for various community service projects, like building homes for underprivileged families or tutoring youth in after-school programs. UConn's Cultural Centers and programs are also open to the entire University community, offering academic and extracurricular programming that fosters diversity and cultural understanding.

And if recreation is what interests you then UConn Recreation has you covered. The University has 35 club sports teams and over 1,500 club sport athletes. Our Student Recreation Center also offers 191,000 square feet of fitness areas, playing courts, and activity centers - including two pools, four basketball courts, and the biggest climbing wall among Northeastern Universities.