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Undergraduate Admissions

International Transfer Applicants

Students are considered international transfer applicants if they:

  • are a non-U.S. citizen or non-Permanent Resident;
  • have completed secondary school (equivalent to U.S. grades 9-12), view our International Credentials webpage for requirements, and;
  • have previously enrolled at another college or university, earning 12 transferable credits or more.

Admission Requirements

International transfer applicants have the same admission requirements as domestic transfer students. Restricted Programs: Certain majors have additional components required for admission. A list of the restricted programs can be found on the Transfer Admission Requirements page.

Dates and Deadlines

Fall Semester:

All application materials must be received by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the date for the applicable program listed on the Transfer Dates & Deadlines page.

Spring Semester:

International applications are not accepted for the spring semester.

Application Instructions

A completed international transfer application includes:

Application Tips

  • List all of the institutions that you have attended and include the dates of your attendance at each institution you list. If you have attended more colleges than the allotted space allows, please provide that information in a separate document and send to the Undergraduate Admissions Office
  • Provide courses which you are currently enrolled, with course department code, course number, and course title (e.g., ENG 101 English Composition)
  • Submit a detailed explanation in the “Required Explanation” section if answered “yes” to questions regarding discipline history. Include the approximate date of each incident, an explanation of the circumstances, and a reflection on what you learned from the experience.