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Undergraduate Admissions


Honors Program

We invite the top students into our Honors Program, a tight-knit community of high-achievers eager to search out new information, question presumptions, and succeed. Honors students work closely with outstanding faculty in rigorous classes throughout all of UConn's schools and colleges. The well-deserved perks: faculty mentors, priority class registration, graduate-level library privileges, and Honors housing.

Internships, as well as Honors-exclusive education abroad and leadership programs, ensure that our campus is just the beginning of your academic journey. Some Honors students participate in competitive programs including:

Holster Scholars First Year Project

In the fall, we encourage first-year students in the Honors Program to apply for a $4,000 grant to fund an independent study project during the upcoming summer. That's right - before you've spent a full 12 months as a Husky, you could secure funding to conduct research on a topic of your choice.


STEM Scholar Community

Students who achieve excellence in high school classes focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines are invited to become members of this special community within the UConn Honor's Program. Through research, events, and community engagement, you'll make discoveries, build relationships with transformative experts, and prepare to lead your generation into the future.

Visit the Honors Program website to learn more.