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Undergraduate Admissions


Veteran & Military Applicants

The University of Connecticut welcomes all veterans, active duty, guardsmen, and reservists to apply to and consider enrollment at UConn. Given the incredible service to our country, active-duty personnel and veterans are often very competitive candidates for admission.  As a part of the admissions and transfer credit process, UConn strives to acknowledge this service as students enter the University.

The Office of Veterans Affairs and Military Programs is a valuable resource and can provide additional information to current students and applicants.

As a thank-you for service to our country, active duty, veterans, guardsmen, and reservists qualify for an application fee waiver. The application fee will be waived upon receipt of a copy of the DD214 for veterans, guardsmen, and reservists. Active-duty military are asked to provide one of the following options in order to have an application fee waiver applied:

  • An official JST transcript through the Joint Services Transcript system to the University of Connecticut;
  • A letter from your commander or personnel office stating you are active military; or
  • A copy of your active military ID (brought to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for review).

Transferring Military Credit

The University of Connecticut values the course credit earned by service members while in the military through Department of Defense courses.  Following the American Council of Education guidelines, UConn, where possible, will award credit for courses that are similar to undergraduate courses offered in academic departments at UConn.  Students must submit their official JST, Air University, SMART, AARTS, or Coast Guard transcript to the Admissions Department to be evaluated.  For consideration of credit for military service please submit your DD214, if not already submitted.  For additional information please visit the Veterans Affairs and Military Programs website.

Admission Requirements

If you are or have been enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution and have completed 12 or more college credits following high school graduation, the University of Connecticut considers you a transfer student. Active-duty personnel and veterans are often considered transfer students as a result of previous college credits they have earned.