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Undergraduate Admissions

Transferring Credit to UConn

In general, the University of Connecticut grants credit for courses that are:

  • Taken at a regionally accredited, degree-granting college or university;
  • Comparable in content and quality to courses offered at UConn;
  • Completed with a minimum grade of "C."

Courses that the University does not grant credit for includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Online courses in laboratory science and foreign language, including those offered in a hybrid format;
  • Pass/Fail coursework;
  • Co-op, internships, and practicum credit;
  • Precollegiate/remedial coursework;
  • College-level elementary foreign language courses if the student completed three or more years of the same foreign language in secondary school;
  • Prior coursework that was not reported at the time of application.


  • Transfer credit is awarded in semester hours;
  • Grades from your previous institution(s) do not transfer;
  • Courses are considered either equivalent to courses at UConn (same department and number as in the UConn catalog) or generic (same department but with a 5-digit number assigned that begins with the number 9, as in 91000, 92000, etc.).

Please view the Transfer Credit Guidelines for all transfer credit policies. For information regarding restricted credit, visit the Undergraduate Catalog's Academic Regulations.


Courses taken while in high school:

If you have participated in a concurrent or dual enrollment program while in high school, official transcripts should be sent to the University of Connecticut directly by the participating college or university. Credit will be considered for transfer, but some restrictions can apply. Mathematics courses taken below the calculus level are submitted to faculty for review on a case by case basis. In addition, online laboratory science courses are not transferable. UConn considers all courses completed in partnership programs for transfer credit in keeping with NACEP standards.


UConn Early College Experience (ECE) Credit:

Students who have taken UConn ECE courses and now attend UConn as an undergraduate student  will automatically have their non-degree work (pending classes) from UConn ECE noted on the non-degree portion of their official UConn transcript. Students must meet with their academic advisors in order to elect to accept or reject credit earned through UConn Early College Experience to the degree portion of the academic record. Visit UConn ECE's Coming to UConn webpage for important details and deadlines.


Transfer Credit Information For:

Course Credit Equivalencies

If you enrolled in courses at a Connecticut college or university, or took AP courses or IB courses in high school, many equivalencies can be viewed online. Courses from other institutions or courses not listed on this site will be evaluated by our staff and faculty when a student has completed the application for admission and submits official transcripts from previous institutions.

General consumer information is available from the State of Connecticut Office of Higher Education and can be found online at: