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Undergraduate Admissions

Our Traditions

We're Inspired Together.

We don't just "go to UConn." Being a Husky means being a part of UConn Nation, embracing and carrying on the traditions that make us who we are.


How Huskies come together

Begin your academic journey by celebrating with your entering class, sharing the moment with students like you from across the U.S. and around the world.

Rub Jonathan's nose

our campus rabbit's foot

Our mascot's statue isn't just good-looking - he's also good luck. Got a tough exam ahead? Rubbing his nose can't hurt.


get your moves ready

Celebrate Homecoming by watching - or participating in - extravagant dance routines performed by cultural centers, student clubs, and Greek organizations. Bragging rights are the best prize.

One-Ton Sundae

so good, you need a bucket

One of UConn's longest-standing traditions and a Winter Weekend favorite. Enjoy a bucket - yes, you read that right - of UConn Dairy Bar ice cream, made right on campus. You know it's good if you're eating ice cream outside in February.

Horsebarn Hill

UConn's slope for sledding

This hill is gorgeous year-round, but winter gives it a new purpose. The long hike uphill is worth it for the thrill going down.


the original, and best, mud volleyball tournament in the U.S.

Each spring, students compete for cash and glory in eight inches of mud, while spectators cheer on their classmates.