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Undergraduate Admissions


Experiential Global Learning

UConn has more than 200 experiential global learning and study abroad opportunities including internships, field work, and research programs. Our membership in Universitas 21, a global network of 27 world-class research-intensive universities, sets our education abroad program apart. We collaborate and cooperate with affiliated universities, creating unique student benefits such as hard-to-get on-campus housing and access to courses usually unavailable to American students studying abroad. Whether learning sustainable agriculture methods in Italy or conducting ethnography field research in Mauritius, you'll gain hands-on experience becoming a global citizen, boosting your ability to improve our world.

students hold a flag with the UConn Logo in front of a pyramid in Egypt
nursing student rests on a stone legde over greece
students spell out the words UConn

Visit the UConn Education Abroad website to learn more.