University of Connecticut
Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer Credit Evaluation Report for New UConn Students

Incoming students with transfer credit will receive a Transfer Credit Evaluation Report.  The Transfer Credit Evaluation Report shows each post-secondary institution that was attended and lists, in course-by-course detail, how each course transfers to UConn.  

Report availability:

  • Transfer students -  reports will be available in time for advising and course registration.
  • Freshmen - reports will be available when credits are posted early in the first semester.

Your Transfer Credit Evaluation Report can be viewed through Self-Service in the Student Administration System.  To determine how transfer credits will meet your degree requirements, please consult your academic advisor in your School or College.

How to Access the Transfer Credit Evaluation Report

In the Student Administration System go to:  Main Menu>Self-Service>Student Center>My Academics>View My Transfer Credit Report

What Will I See?

Transfer credits are reflected either as:

Equivalent Credit – transfer courses determined to be equivalent in content and level will be given a UConn course designation.

Generic Credit transfer courses not equivalent to a specific UConn course in either content or level are given a generic, 5-digit designation, beginning with the number “9”.  For example PSYC 91000 would indicate a 1000-level psychology elective, PSYC 92000, a 2000-level psychology elective, etc.

“In Progress” Courses

  • Courses without a final grade will appear as “In Progress”
  • Courses “In Progress” are not included in total number of credits transferred
  • Final official transcript should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as final grades are posted

Advisement Report

Once you are a matriculated student, you will be able to verify how specific credits are being applied to meet degree requirements.  We encourage you to run an Advisement Report before the start of each academic term.

To run an Advisement Report in the Student Administration System go to:  Main Menu>Self-Service>Student Center>My Academics>View My Advisement Report