University of Connecticut
Undergraduate Admissions

Decision Appeal Process

The University of Connecticut receives over 36,000 undergraduate applications for a limited number of spaces. Each application is reviewed carefully and is given maximum consideration. Admission to UConn is competitive. UConn does not reserve space in the incoming class for appealed admission decisions. If you wish to appeal your admission decision, the appeal must represent significant new academic information that was not present at the time of application review. This information should validate the application as stronger than when originally reviewed. Newly acquired awards or an increase in activities will not be considered for a decision reversal.

To appeal your admission decision, the Admission Decision Appeal Form is required within 15 days of the date printed on your decision letter. Students may not submit an appeal for the Storrs Spring Admission Program, as acceptance to this program is by invitation-only.

Admission Decision Appeal Form

Examples of accepted supporting documentation representing significant new academic information that was not present at the time of application review are as follows:

  • Most recent official transcript from current high school (freshman applicants) or final transcript from current institution (transfer applicants) submitted to UConn directly from the most recent institution either electronically or by mail in a sealed envelope;
  • Official SAT or ACT results indicating a significant improvement in score (freshman applicants).

Once your appeal is received, it will be reviewed by our Admissions Committee who will make a final decision. Decisions will be determined after May 1 for freshman applicants. Decision reversals are uncommon and we encourage students to consider all other options in furthering their educations.


Deferring Admission

Deferments are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The University of Connecticut typically does not defer admission decisions for students who are unable to attend during the admitted semester term, but for those who are interested in pursuing a gap year related to community service opportunities or cultural/educational non-credit exchange, military enlistment, or for those experiencing severe, long-term physical illness, exceptions can be made. If an applicant is accepted to UConn but can no longer attend at that time, the student must reapply for admission. The application will be reviewed and a new decision will be granted. Any prior admission decisions will have no bearing on the reapplication. Prior offers of merit scholarship or admission to the Honors Program are not guaranteed for reapplication as some restrictions will apply.