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Undergraduate Admissions

Partnership Statement

UConn / Grok

The University of Connecticut (UConn) is engaged in partnership with Grok to provide close-to-home support for current and future students in China and beyond.

About UConn:

Located between New York City and Boston, UConn is a national leader among public research universities, with more than 32,000 students (about 10% of them are international) seeking answers to critical questions in classrooms, labs, and the community. A culture of innovation drives this pursuit of knowledge throughout the University's network of campuses. Connecticut's commitment to higher education helps UConn attract students who thrive in the most competitive environments, as well as globally renowned faculty members. Our school pride is fueled by a history of success that has made us a standout in Division I athletics. UConn fosters a diverse and vibrant culture that meets the needs and seizes the opportunities of a dynamic global society.

About Grok:

Grok Global was founded as a market research firm for educational institutions to understand the China market and develop engagement strategies. They have pioneered the "Program Office" model in which Grok staff in each market are assigned to particular institutions on an exclusive, full-time basis to help manage marketing, recruitment, and institutional partnerships, with local guidance and oversight.