Transferring Credit to UConn

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 In general, the University of Connecticut grants credit for courses that are:

  • Taken at regionally accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities;
  • Comparable in content and quality to courses offered at UConn;
  • Completed with a minimum grade of "C."

Please view the Transfer Credit Guidelines for all transfer credit policies.  In addition, students with three or more years of a foreign language in high school cannot receive credit for college-level elementary courses in that same language.  For information about restricted credits, see the Undergraduate Catalog, Academic Regulations.

New Students

Transfer Credit Reports are made available to incoming students:

                    Transfers - reports will be available in time for advising and course registration

                    Freshmen - reports will be available when credits are posted early in the first semester

If you have participated in a concurrent partnership program while in high school, official transcripts should be sent to the University of Connecticut directly by the participating college or university.  Credit is considered for transfer, but some restrictions can apply.  Mathematics must be at the calculus level or above, and credit is awarded at the discretion of the Mathematics Department of the University of Connecticut.  In addition, online laboratory science courses are not transferable.  UConn considers all courses completed in partnership programs for transfer credit in keeping with NACEP standards.


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Current UConn Students

If you plan to enroll in courses at another institution with the expectation that those credits will eventually be applied toward your degree at the University of Connecticut, please visit the Current UConn Students page to find out more information on the transfer credit process, filing dates and eligibility requirements.

Bachelor of General Studies students should view BGS-specific instructions.

Course Credit Equivalencies

If you enrolled in courses at a Connecticut college or university, or took AP courses or IB courses in high school, many of those equivalencies can be viewed online.  All courses from other institutions and courses not listed on this site must be evaluated by our staff and faculty.

Transfer Course Equivalencies   AP Credits   IB Credits UConn ECE Credits